Wednesday, 9 April 2014

JavaScript: YUI

This may be the last post (at least for quite a while) that I make in this blog. The thing was that all the posts that I made here were for a writing course that I was taking in the current semester (I kind of feel sad for this :`( ). I am in a dilemma that I feel so sad that I may actually continue this blog! (What's the point of writing a blog that no one reads anyways???!?!?)

In this final post I want to talk about a good but not very known library for JavaScript, namely YUI (Yahoo! User Interface). This is a very powerful library (perhaps at least as powerful as JQuery) developed by Yahoo! that is mainly used for making nice user interfaces.

YUI has it's own APIs to interact with services provided by yahoo such as Yahoo! weather and Yahoo news.

mmm...looks like something like SQL??!!? In fact YQL is a query language that allows you to search and retrieve data from some of services provided by Yahoo! such as Yahoo answers (so next time you were looking for the solutions to your homework you could try "select  * from answers where topic like '%chem 121%'")

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FIN :'(

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