Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Choosing a good text-editor

So far all I have done is that I showed you some algorithms and some piece of code. We'll soon be executing some code, but before then, what we should do is to choose a good editor for editting our codes.
The first thing you need is to download a text editor. There are many text editors out there you can download. A few of them are as follows:
- Notepad++
- Sublime-text
- Gedit (Still better than Emacs, or Vim)
- Emacs (Avoid this. Seriously avoid this. This is my most hated text editor)
- Vim (If this is your choice, I guess it is better off using Microsoft Word as a text-editor)
My favorite text editor so far is Sublime. (Those of you who still use Emacs or even Vim, please forgive me for being so rude). Of course, there are definitely text editors out there better than Subilme, but at least one feature that Sublime has especially for begginers, is that it is very simple.Here is a screenshot of the environment in Sublime-text:
Image Source: http://www.drweb.de/magazin/wp-content/uploads/SublimeText2.jpg

In the next posts I will provide you with sample code. Besides, I will actually tell you how to use Sublime-text to create a simple HTML document.

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