Thursday, 30 January 2014

You are not alone out there!

Now that you have become familiar with the basics of HTML5 I am going to give you some references that you can learn to extend your knowledge. One good thing about web development is that you can always find useful resources on the web itself! There are billions of webpages on the internet that you can see at any of them and learn. In other words, you have a book with billions of example for learning! Besides seeing the creativity used in websites created by other people, organizations, etc. you do actually have access to the HTML source code of all these webpages! Try the following:
If you are using Google Chrome as a browser you can press and hold 'Ctrl+U' to see the HTML source code of any webpage. Another way to do just the same thins is that you right-click on the webpage then click on 'View page source'.
   But doesn't this seem very insecure that you have access to the source code of any website???In the next topic I will answer and discuss these security issues further.
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