Monday, 3 February 2014

A little bit about security

Now we get to security. As previously mentioned, webpages made only in HTML are not secure enough and the reason for that is that the user has access to the whole source HTML and JavaScript codes of the webpage. To resolve this issue, server-sided languages are made. In general, the way server-sided scripting works is that there is a script (piece of code that usually can be run without the need to be compiled. Like JavaScript, PHP, or Python) that is run on the server. Once the script is run, it sends the HTML+Text output back to your own browser. Of course, you can see the HTML source code sent to your browser, but you do not have access to the main script that created this HTML code (the reason that you don't have access to it is because it is run on the server side). The idea behind server-sided scripting is very interesting, and in fact once you start writing server-sided code, you have to put yourself in the shoes of the server to realize what is actually happening there. In the next topic I am going to talk about a simple chatroom that I created using PHP (my favorite server-sided language).
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